Retail Experience Cloud - Retail E-commerce Integration


The Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud™ is a retail-focused customer service experience that provides ‌a contact center agent a set of Talkdesk Workspace™ tabs with information about the customers. These tabs allow checking information about the online order delivery, and products, among others.

A core part of the Retail Experience Cloud is available in Workspace, specifically in the Talkdesk Conversations App.

The Retail Experience Cloud - Retail E-commerce Integration with Shopify allows retrieving all the necessary e-commerce data from the Shopify platform, displaying it in the Talkdesk context.

Business Context

What You Can Achieve with the Retail Experience Cloud - Retail E-commerce Integration

You can integrate your Shopify e-commerce system of records with Talkdesk and bring here your customer information, orders, and products available on Shopify. This integration serves as a base to be slightly customized to connect to other e-commerce systems.

Business Problems the Retail Experience Cloud - Retail E-commerce Integration Solves

This integration enables real-time data flows from a Shopify e-commerce platform and is presented in the context of a Talkdesk interaction, centralizing all the customer information in one place, guaranteeing it to be a single source of truth. This way, an agent doesn’t need to be opening external tools in different windows to have access to the information that Talkdesk pushes to Workspace.

What the Retail Experience Cloud - Retail E-commerce Integration doesn't Support

Due to the nature of the sync between Workspace and Shopify e-commerce, some information might not be reflected in real-time on the Workspace frontend. For example: a new order is created after a call has started (because Talkdesk loads the list of orders at the very beginning of a call).


Use Cases

Use Case 1

Customer Details
As an example, think about a company that runs an online shop and has a specific customer registered there with a certain phone number. When this customer calls, Talkdesk is able to sync their phone number with an out-of-the-box Shopify integration and get the available customer information like name, address, date of registration, etc., into the Customer Details tab. To access this information, the agent just needs to enter the Costumer Details tab within the Conversations App.

Use Case 2

Think of a scenario, in the context of a call, where a customer calls to check if the most recent order they made has already been processed. The customer asks the agent about the order status. The agent checks the order status via the Orders tab (within the Conversations App) and informs the customer that the order is still being processed. The customer is now able to ask the agent to either cancel the order (because it won’t get to the customer's address on time), or simply to change the delivery address to a new one of their preference. All of these actions can be performed directly from Talkdesk using this ecommerce connector.

Use Case 3

Consider a scenario where an agent wants to find a specific product for a customer following the descriptions given by the customer during a conversation. Using the Retail Experience Cloud - Retail Ecommerce Integration, the agent can go to the Products tab and make a search for products using keywords suck as "black dress", for example. The agent will then easily find the desired information because this integration will retrieve products that match that query. Then, if the agent clicks on a specific product, they see a side panel with more details of that product.


All endpoints provided by the integration bridge must be protected by one of the following authentication schemes.

Basic Authentication

Talkdesk calls the endpoint, including a header on the HTTP request which complies with the basic authentication standard.

API Key Authentication

Talkdesk calls the endpoint, including a header on the HTTP request which contains the API key.

OAuth 2.0 Authentication

Talkdesk implements the OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow to generate a JSON web token that is then sent in a header when submitting.


The Retail product offers two types of APIs: Custom and Out-of-the-Box.

Custom APIs are available for the specific requirements and functionalities of a customer's particular software application.

Out-of-the-box APIs are specifically available for E-commerce integrations with Shopify and Big Commerce.


Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The Retail Experience Cloud - Retail Ecommerce Integration is only available for customers enrolled in Talkdesk's Early Access (EA) program. To enter the EA program, contact a Customer Success Manager.

The Retail Experience Cloud - Retail Ecommerce Integration has been in EA since March 2023.


If you have questions or technical issues, please open a ticket using this form.