1 - What Is Talkdesk Partner Project?

Talkdesk Partner Project is the portal you use to interact with Talkdesk® regarding your app registration and management.

Partner Project allows apps registration, management, and marketplace listing. Its main goal is to reduce the manual processes of Talkdesk and provide a more automated experience for you.
It also allows generating OAuth Clients to get access to the Talkdesk APIs.


Figure 1 - Partner Project

2 - How Can I Access Partner Project?

You can check information here.

3 - What Can I do as a Talkdesk Partner? How Can I Become one?

A Talkdesk partner is able to integrate with the Talkdesk systems (using Partner Project, accessing the Talkdesk APIs, registering an app, listing apps on the AppConnect Marketplace, etc.).
As a Talkdesk partner, you will get a developer account and access to Partner Project, to allow you to start developing with Talkdesk.

4 - How does Talkdesk Communicate with Talkdesk Partners?

Talkdesk will always communicate with the Talkdesk partners via email.

5 - What's a Talkdesk Partner App?

Partner apps are third-party solutions that integrate and expand the Talkdesk ecosystem. These apps are developed and made available by certified partners. After getting reviewed by Talkdesk, partners can list their apps on the AppConnect marketplace, where they can be purchased and installed by Talkdesk customers (any customer with a Talkdesk account can purchase and install a partner app).

6 - How Can I Get a Developer Account to Build a Partner App?

To get a developer account, you must submit a request. Talkdesk will provide a developer account, enabling you to access Partner Project and to generate OAuth Clients to access the Talkdesk APIs, allowing you to start building a partner app.

7 - Will My Developer Account Get Sample Data?

Talkdesk does not provide sample data in these accounts. Talkdesk recommends that you make some sample calls to populate your developer account with data.

8 - Is the Developer Account Free?

The developer account includes three free licenses and $25 worth of credits to be applied to purchasing the first phone number and minutes charges.

9 - How Can I Add Credits to My Account?

There are two ways to add credits to their account:

  • On a contract and with a talk time commitment: the account is automatically funded using a preferred payment method.
  • Paying by credit card: using the automatic recharge or one-time payment.
    Both options will deduct the corresponding amount from the partner’s credit card.

10 - What is Talkdesk AppConnect™?

AppConnect is a marketplace for call center apps.

11 - Which Requirements Must the Partner Apps Have to go to AppConnect?

AppConnect/partner apps must have these features and follow these principles:

  • Automated installations (one-click), including account/user provisioning and self-service 30-day free trials.
  • Access to Talkdesk call center data via APIs.
  • Single Sign-On from Talkdesk to the partner’s standalone hosted solution.
  • Pay-as-you-go billing option.


Partner app requirements

12 - How Can I Register a Partner App?

You can register a partner app using Partner Project.

13 - How Can I Manage My App?

You can check all information here.

14 - Can I Test My App?

Yes. See all about it here.

15 - What Are the States on Partner Project and What Do They Stand for?

DraftThe status for when a version is created/edit. You can make any changes you wish during this stage (with possible exceptions: icon and subscription plans).
In ReviewThe status in which a version has already been submitted and is being evaluated by Talkdesk
ApprovedOnce the Talkdesk review is finished, the version can be approved
RejectedOnce the Talkdesk review is finished, the version can be rejected. If this happens, you will receive feedback via email by Talkdesk to make the required changes so that it can be approved.
AvailableOnly applicable to the technical review process. Once your technical content has been approved by Talkdesk, you can make it available to the public in a self-service manner.
AdvertisedOnly applicable to the marketplace review process. Once your marketing content has been approved by Talkdesk, it is published on the AppConnect Marketplace.

16 - What Do the Installation Status/Non-Status Badges Mean?

Installation Status Badges

There are different badges for the several app installation status, as shown below.

It’s the most common status for an installation, representing an installation where everything is working as expected.


Figure 39 - Active Status

A transient status that represents a pending installation waiting for partner confirmation.


Figure 40 - Installing Status

Failed Installation
Whether because the app provider wasn’t reachable when AppConnect tried to send the installation details, or because it failed to confirm the installation, the app icon is rendered dimmed and with an error badge. A retry mechanism is fired as soon as this failed app installation is loaded by the user’s browser.


Figure 41 - Failed Installation Status

While awaiting an asynchronous update, a blue sync badge appears over the app icon.
For example, this icon appears when someone with permission to manage an installation adds or removes users, or changes auto-installation rules. In the meantime, users can launch the app. Managers can see installation details (open the management modal), but they can't edit them. The badge will disappear upon completion of the process (the partner accepts or rejects the update).


Figure 42 - Updating Status

Failed Update
Status rendered if an update failed to rollback. This status is not recoverable, therefore it requires further action from Talkdesk. Users are advised to open a request when in this status.


Figure 43 - Failed Update Status

Trial Expired
When an installation trial period is over, the app icon is then rendered with a small yellow warning badge. From here, the user has the ability to manage and choose a different subscription plan, or uninstall the app.


Figure 44 - Trial Expired Status

Upgrade Available
A new app version has been submitted or was made available for this account, and requires user action to be upgraded. By clicking the green update badge, a new window will appear, requiring the user to consent to recent changes.


Figure 45 - Upgrade Available Status

App Version is Manually Provisioned

On some occasions, partner apps are manually provisioned. This means the partner has to do manual work before responding to installation or change requests. The icon (Figure 46) informs the user that operations may be slower than usual when installing, updating, upgrading, or removing the app, due to manual operations on the partner's side. The icon is permanent and appears whenever the currently installed app version or the app version being installed or upgraded is manually provisioned. The icon will be temporarily hidden whenever higher priority icons need to be displayed, including upgrade available, updating, failed update/installation or generic alerts.


Figure 46 - App Version Manually Provisioned

Non-status Badges

Manageable Installation

Hovering over an app icon, a gear badge appears in the top-right corner. Clicking this badge opens the management window where a user may add or remove licenses to users, configure auto-provisioning of licenses, uninstall the app, etc.
Only users belonging to roles with App Manage permissions will see this badge.


Figure 47 - Manageable Installation Status

Force Uninstall
When the Force Uninstall feature is available on an account (whitelisted), a badge appears in the lower-right corner of the app icon. Clicking this icon forces an app to be uninstalled, regardless of its current status.


Figure 48 - Force Uninstall Status



If you have questions or technical issues, please open a ticket using this form.