Guardian Sessions API


The Guardian Sessions API, a Talkdesk Guardian™ solution, allows to easily access session's data (login and logout information, used device and authentication method) from the Talkdesk® platform agents.

You are able to know which agents started and finished a session, on which date and time, and on which device they used.


Use Case

As a real life example, consider the scenario in which a company wishes to understand the different sessions a user is utilizing to receive/make calls. For instance, when did the agent log in or logout? Which IP address, internet browser or operating system was associated with these sessions? Using the Guardian Sessions API, this information is available to external parties to validate how their agents are logging in and logging out of the system.


Access and Registration



Getting all the sessions with all information available linked to it.


The results of this request can be filtered and sorted.


Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The Guardian Sessions API has been in General Availability since June 2021.


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