Voice Biometrics Opt-Out API


The Voice Biometrics Opt-Out API, a Talkdesk Identity™ solution, allows you to programmatically opt-out enrolled users by deleting their voice profile. It can also be used to indicate that the user is already enrolled, which is helpful for external custom integrations third-party voice biometric vendors. It gives you a programmatic control over the voice biometrics opt-out process.


Use Case

As a real-life example, consider the scenario where a company requires certain users to be opted-out from voice biometrics because they have requested it as part of a right-to-be-forgotten compliance mandate. Using the Voice Biometrics Opt-Out API, the contact can be opted-out programmatically, i.e., without the need to escalate a call to a live agent so that they can trigger the opt-out flow on Conversations App.

On the other hand, you can use the Voice Biometrics Opt-In API to programmatically set a caller’s consent to proceed with the enrollment in voice biometrics, as well as to verify if the consent has been given.


Access and Registration




Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The Voice Biometrics Opt-out API has been in General Availability since December 2021.


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