Authentication in Talkdesk using OAuth 2.0: Choose Client Credentials for account-level access or Authorization Code for user-level access.

Talkdesk® supports OAuth 2.0 with these grant types:

Grant TypeDescriptionUsage
Client CredentialsAllows you to get API access on behalf of an entire Talkdesk account- Talkdesk customers accessing their own instance of the Talkdesk API.
- Talkdesk AppConnect™ partners.
Authorization CodeAllows you to get API access on behalf of a single Talkdesk user via interface- AppConnect partners for Talkdesk Single Sign-On.
- AppConnect partners for leveraging Talkdesk identity for authentication.

Endpoint Authentication - Request

Security: OAuth 2.0

Authorization Code OAuth Flow

  • Authorize URL: /oauth/authorize
  • Token URL: /oauth/token


Useful Links

Partner App Authentication

Builder - Creating a New OAuth Client


API Reference

Client Credentials - JWT

Client Credentials - Basic

Client Credentials - STS token

Authorization Code - JWT

Authorization Code

Authorization Code - Basic

Refresh Token - JWT

Refresh Token - Basic



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