Editing an Action


Editing an action depends on its status.

Editing a Draft Action

While in the Draft status, an action can be fully edited. There are two ways to edit an action:

1 - By opening an action and clicking the Edit button, in the top right corner (Figure 22).


Figure 22 - Edit action button

2 - By clicking the Edit button (the pencil icon) on the corresponding action on the list of the actions (Figure 23).


Figure 23 - Edit action button on actions list

Both options will take you to the Edit Action page, which is similar to the Add New Action page. In this case, it will be filled with the current values as depicted in Figure 24.


Figure 24 - Edit action page

Editing an Active Action


Once an action is Active, the only properties that can be edited are Name, Description, Status, and Timeout.

If there is an issue with the Relative URL, with the query parameters, or with one of the schemas, you will need to add a new action and set the status of the old action as Deprecated or End of Life.

To edit the Name, Description, Status or Timeout, you have two options:

Option 1 - Open the action by going to the Actions (1 - Figure 25) tab of the Custom Integration page and then, hovering over the action you want to view/edit, then click the pencil icon (2 - Figure 25).


Figure 25 - Access to action view page

A pop-up will appear allowing you to edit the Name (1), the Description (2), the Status (3), and the Timeout of the action. After editing, click Save (5 - Figure 26).


Figure 26 - Pop-up to edit info

Option 2 - On the Actions tab, click the action you want to edit (Figure 25). There, click the Edit basic info button (Figure 27).


Figure 27 - Entering an action

Regardless of the path followed for editing the basic info of the action (option 1 or 2), the pop-up from Figure 26 will appear.

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