Explore API


The Explore API, a Talkdesk Explore™ solution, is an asynchronous API that allows extracting ‌historical reports' data.

You can, after pulling the data into your systems, incorporate this granular data into any analytics system. The Explore API allows getting valuable trends and insights regarding the performance of your company by correlating Talkdesk data with data from other systems.


Use Case

As a real life example, consider the scenario where the leadership team of a company has a key metrics dashboard, with information about the company's Financials, Products, HR, Marketing and also Customer Experience. You can retrieve Talkdesk Data via Explore API, store it in your analytical system and embed key customer metrics in the leadership dashboard.


Access and Registration



The Explore API enables a client to request a data report and download it when it is ready.

The data obtained via Explore API has a five-minute delay to real-time.


Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS) is the minimum version of the TLS protocol allowed for use on the Explore API endpoints.

Data Report Use Cases


Talkdesk Explore FAQs


Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

Explore API has been in General Availability since July 2021.


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