Connecting an App to AppConnect™

Connect your partner app to Talkdesk AppConnect™ by fulfilling prerequisites, including integrating with the Events API and obtaining OAuth client credentials for access to Talkdesk APIs.

Talkdesk AppConnect™ is the Talkdesk marketplace for call center apps (partner apps).

Once a partner app has met all the requirements (integration with the Events API, works on all Talkdesk regions, handles Single Sign-On, has the marketplace and technical certification, etc.), the app can be installed and is able to access the Talkdesk APIs.

Events API

The Events API exposes events that happen inside Talkdesk® as webhook calls. It allows subscribing to events around an app's lifecycle (installations, updates, and trial expiration alerts).

For the partner apps to be installable, updatable, and available on AppConnect, and to access the Talkdesk APIs, they must integrate with the Events API webhook. Make sure that you are using the right base URL for your customer's region-based installation.


OAuth client rotation

You can get OAuth client credentials for specific customers that install the app by listening to the app.installed event (see Figure 2). This event provides not only the OAuth client credentials but also a link, named root, which specifies the localized API Gateway to access the Talkdesk APIs and retrieves data for the specified customer. The root link is present in all events.

Diagram representing how the Talkdesk API access for partners works

Figure 1 - Accessing the Talkdesk APIs


The Talkdesk ID is not hard-coded from your side. You must save all information related to the installation OAuth client (installation_id, account_id, account_name, client_id, client_secret, private_key, public_key, key_id, key_algorithm, authorization and token URL) and then use it when trying to get an account level token.

After getting the OAuth client, you are able to use Talkdesk ID to generate tokens that will allow you to interact with the Talkdesk APIs.


Filtering Results for Licensed Users

The Talkdesk APIs do not filter results based on users that have been assigned a license to the partner’s solution (except for apps/installs/users). If you are limiting the data processing and analysis based on this, it's the provider's responsibility to filter the results from the APIs.


Registering a Partner App



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