Webhook Trigger API


The Webhook Trigger API allows the connection between Microsoft Power Automate™ and Talkdesk® by creating a new custom integration powered by Talkdesk Connections™.

Covered Talkdesk triggers:

  • A contact is created.
  • A contact is updated.
  • A note is created.
  • An agent logs in.
  • An agent logs out.
  • An outbound call ends.
  • An inbound call reaches the contact center.
  • An inbound call ends.
  • An inbound call starts.

Business Context

What You Can Achieve with the Webhook Trigger API

You can automatically create a custom integration powered by Connections between Talkdesk and Power Automate.

Business Problems the Webhook Trigger API Solves

After creating a new custom integration, every time this automation is triggered in Talkdesk, Power Automate will receive the synchronized data.

What this API doesn't Support

When the Power Automate integration is deleted, the user will only receive an email with the information regarding the information the user has to disable/delete in their Talkdesk instance. So, the automation will not be automatically deleted.
Synchronization for the deleted Power Automate connection doesn't occur in real time. It will have a periodic timer of five minutes. The user will receive an email from Talkdesk confirming the removal of the Power Automate integration.


Use Case

Consider the scenario in which a user creates a Power Automate integration in Microsoft by utilizing the Talkdesk connector's trigger regarding updating a contact in Talkdesk.
For the authenticating in the Webhook Trigger API, the user will create a connection in Microsoft using their credentials and the account name, client ID and secret. Upon saving the Power Automate, the Microsoft Talkdesk Connector will call the Webhook Trigger API and automatically generate a new custom integration powered by Connections (if one does not already exists).
Additionally, an action and automation will be created, with the a contact is updated Talkdesk trigger being linked to the previous action. As a result, whenever a contact is updated in Talkdesk, the custom integration will trigger the Power Automate integration, enabling the user to proceed with their business process using the data provided by Talkdesk.


Access and Registration




Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The Webhook Trigger API has been in General Availability since March 2023.


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