Creating/Managing App Versions

You can create a new app version to replace the existing version, allowing customers to upgrade their installation.


Editing an App

On the Versions section, you can add several versions and edit some content (scopes, URIs, categories, etc.).


You can only edit an app version while in a draft or rejected status.

Once approved (or during the review process), an app version can’t be edited.

1 - Creating/Managing Versions

On the left side menu, click Projects (1) and then, seeing the apps listed on the screen (2), click the Create version button (3).


Figure 14 - Creating a New App Version

2 - Add the app’s general (1) and technical information (3), inside Version content (2).


Figure 15 - New App Version Technical Information

3 - Add the app’s marketplace information (1). When all the fields are filled, click Save (2).


Figure 16 - New App Version Marketing Information

4 - By saving the changes, a new app version has been created.


Figure 17 - Saving Changes

5 - Check all the app versions and respective details.

To check the versions of an app, click the app (2 from Figure 14), and then click the Versions tab (1). You can edit an app version (2) if it hasn't been approved (rejected or draft).


Figure 18 - All App Versions


Creating New App Version

You can only create a new app version if the previous version has been approved and published. Talkdesk will contact you as soon as the version has app approved and published to schedule the go-live date (this will happen only with the partner's explicit approval).

When an app is approved and published, you need to make the changes on a new version, as the previous version is locked.



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