This section has documentation to help with contact center operations:

  • Attributes API - allows the configuration of attributes and corresponding proficiency levels for each contact center agent.
  • Callback API - allows triggering callbacks in a customer's call center via an API request.
  • Campaign Management API - allows managing call center campaigns (creating and editing campaigns).
  • Contacts API - retrieves and changes contact information in a Talkdesk® instance.
  • Do Not Call Lists API - a Predictive Dialer (PD) solution that allows retrieving, creating, and modifying DNCL for Outbound Dialer.
  • Fallback Experience API - allows the contact center admin to define the behavior that inbound calls must have when faced with an event that seriously compromises the contact center's capacity for handling inbound calls.
  • Flows API - when the Flows API is triggered, it starts an interaction that executes the published version of a given Studio flow.
  • Identity Insights API - gives access to all identity call information regarding callers’ authentication with voice biometrics, and fraud-related insights concerning the caller’s phone number.
  • Prompts API - allows customers to build automations to manage audio prompts without the need to access the user interface.
  • Phone Identity API - performs a series of phone validations in inbound calls to get device and phone number fraud-related insights.
  • Recordings API - allows recording conversations automatically.
  • Record Lists API - a PD solution that allows the creation, deletion, and cataloging of record lists.
  • Ring Groups API - facilitates the ring groups management.
  • Simulated Email API - empowers contact persons to send inbound email interactions to contact center agents by submitting web forms.
  • Voice Biometrics Opt-Out API - allows the opt-out of contacts enrolled in voice biometrics
  • Voice Biometrics Opt-In API - allows the opt-in of contacts enrolled in voice biometrics.



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