Callback API


The Callback API allows triggering callbacks in a customer's call center via an API request.


This functionality is comparable to the Queue Callback feature.


Access and Registration



Use Case

As a real life example, consider the scenario where someone calls a call center but doesn't get connected to an agent right away. Rather than wait on hold in the phone queue, using the Callback API, the call center system allows the caller to be called back when an agent becomes available. The system will call the customer and when they answer, they are connected to the agent.


Context for Web

It’s possible to send contextual data with the request that will be displayed to the agent during the call. This data is represented by a list of key-value pairs that can be sent with each callback request. It is entirely up to the user to decide which data must be used as contextual information.


This functionality is in Closed Beta. Contact a Customer Success Manager or submit a request to enable it.

Requesting a Callback - either to Callback API or Legacy Central (dependent on a feature flag).

Mobile Sample Apps

The Callback API can be used from a mobile app. Repositories with sample apps:


API Availability

The Callback API has been in General Availability since July 2017.


Supported Regions and Base URLs


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