Ring Attempts Report


The Ring Attempts Report provides detailed information regarding ring attempts.


Specify ring_attempts as report type in the Explore API request path: /data/reports/ring_attempts/jobs


Ring Attempts Report metrics

Report Example

Interaction ID,Contact ID,Batch Ring ID,Ring Attempt ID,Attempt Type,Started At Time,Ring Started At Time,Ring Attempt Duration,User Name,User Email,Team Name
3883fb8f1dc7429c90dc278adcbaxpto,0535ee4686cc4f5188438fd974abxpto,0535ee4686cc4f5188438fd974abxpto,ce71091cde55391ebb2fe13abfe948469baexpto,Ignored,2020-11-02 01:30:31,2020-11-02 01:31:07,36,Example Agent,[email protected],teamA


Data and Report Availability

Up to a month of data per request.

The least recent month with available data goes as far back as 13 months.


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