Ring Attempts Report


The Ring Attempts Report provides detailed information regarding ring attempts.


Specify ring_attempts as report type in the Explore API request path: /data/reports/ring_attempts/jobs


Ring Attempts Report metrics

Report Example

    "entries": [
            "interaction_id": "6553ce68abd11a001fdec807",
            "contact_id": "1bb3905fedbe4cb89b5beb374b87f227",
            "batch_ring_id": "4820ba83d7c14dce9f1e136a24aa6321",
            "ring_attempt_id": "76499262922b798146a1b396b29ebdba56dee332",
            "attempt_type": "Rejected",
            "ring_started_at_time": "2023-11-14 19:45:44",
            "ring_finished_at_time": "2023-11-14 19:45:47",
            "ring_attempt_duration": 2,
            "user_name": "If-No-Answer Agent",
            "user_email": null,
            "team_name": null,
            "dial_attempts.queues": "green|andre"
    "total": 1


Data and Report Availability

Up to a month of data per request.

There are no limits on the data availability regarding timeframe.


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