App and Data Types

Learn about partner apps for Talkdesk services, Talkdesk integrations, and data formats like phone numbers, dates, boolean values, timezones, and string enums.

App TypeDescriptionUsage
Partner AppConnect your standalone app with Talkdesk's services (self-service install and provisioning, retrieval of historical calls and user status data, and Single Sign-On). For certified partners, Talkdesk® apps can be listed on Talkdesk AppConnect™ for direct install and purchased by Talkdesk customers.Partners
Talkdesk IntegrationConnect your services to events within the Talkdesk system via webhooks. This is not compatible with the Talkdesk App framework and subsequent AppConnect listing.Partners
Talkdesk APIsProgrammatically retrieve Talkdesk calls and user data.
Initiating callbacks from web and mobile.
Data TypeFormatExample
Data and timeISO 86012016-01-29 10:22:02
Booleantrue or falsetrue
EnumString attributes that must be used for exact comparisons to a preset list of valuesinboud



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