Partner App Authentication

Obtain an access token to make requests to Talkdesk APIs and authenticate your app via Talkdesk AppConnect™, leveraging various grant types for different levels of access.

Access Token

An access token is the required string to make requests to the Talkdesk® APIs.

Once it is retrieved, it can be used to make requests to the Talkdesk APIs.

It must be used in the Authorization header of the HTTP calls to sign the request.

GET{id} HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN
Content-Type: application/json
curl{id} \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \


Token Expiration

For security purposes, access tokens are valid for 10 minutes. If a 401 unauthorized error is received, at any point, the Authentication page shows how to retrieve a new access token.


Region-Agnostic Access to the Talkdesk APIs

When using the Events API to get access to OAuth client credentials, you must make sure to use the value of the root link provided in the events (including app.installed) for the customer.
If you use a hard-coded value of a specific API Gateway, instead, the app will only work for customers using that region's infrastructure. In the example above, accessing the Explore API via would only work for apps running in the US.

Authenticating via AppConnect

Talkdesk AppConnect™ is a marketplace that connects the user with contact center apps, devices and services. Each app operates with a one-click installation and a 30-day free trial. AppConnect apps leverage the Talkdesk authentication mechanisms to provide a fully integrated experience.

Each Talkdesk customer account and corresponding app installation are provided with a distinct set of API credentials:

  • Client ID.
  • Client secret.
  • JWT key-value.

These credentials are leveraged to initiate:


To validate Events API, from Talkdesk, that allows to subscribe to installation, update, trial expiration events, etc., the signing mechanism must be leveraged.



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