Fallback Experience API


The Fallback Experience API is a Talkdesk Studio Continuity Settings solution. The Fallback Experience API allows the contact center admin to define the behavior that inbound calls must have when faced with an event that seriously compromises the contact center's capacity for handling inbound calls (such as an outage, for example).


  • Call forwarding on a per phone number basis - define an external phone number to which calls that reach a given Talkdesk number can be forwarded. If you have multiple external phone numbers, those can serve as a backup for the phone numbers that are on your Talkdesk account.
  • Call forwarding to a single external phone number - define a single external phone number to which all inbound calls can be forwarded, regardless of the Talkdesk phone number. It does not apply to phone numbers that have a specific call-forwarding system configured.
  • Play an audio message - define an audio message that will be played to the caller. It's useful to inform the caller and to redirect incoming voice traffic to other channels.
  • Enable/disable continuity settings - the call is routed based on the continuity settings if this setting is enabled.

Business Context

What You Can Achieve with the Fallback Experience API

You can configure and enable the fallback experience when you are not able to access the Talkdesk UI.
The fallback experience rules and activation can be applied according to your automation systems.

Business Problems the Fallback Experience API Solves

When you are aware of issues that are preventing you from handling inbound calls, you can immediately act and activate the fallback experience directly without accessing the Talkdesk UI. This is possible even if these issues are not related to Talkdesk.

What the Fallback Experience API doesn't Support

The fallback experience configuration can only be applied to new inbound calls once it has been enabled.


Use Cases

Use Case 1
As a real life example, consider the scenario where you want to set external numbers to forward inbound calls when it's not possible to handle calls. The Fallback Experience API can be used to set an external number per inbound number and a default external number for all other numbers.

Use Case 2
As a real life example, consider the scenario where you want to play an audio message to inform the caller that the call is being redirected. Using the Fallback Experience API, it's possible to set the audio message text and the language to be used (text-to-speech).

Use Case 3
As a real life example, consider the scenario where you want to test the fallback experience configuration. The Fallback Experience API can be used to enable it.


Access and Registration




Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The Fallback Experience API has been in General Availability since March 2022.


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