Welcome to the Talkdesk developer documentation! You can use this documentation to help you integrate with the Talkdesk® systems:


What is a Partner? And a Partner App?

A Talkdesk® partner is able to integrate with the Talkdesk systems.

Partner apps are developed by certified Talkdesk partners and are listed on AppConnect.

Main Documentation Topics

Talkdesk APIs

  • Are based on RESTful principles.
  • Are secured by OAuth 2.0.
  • Provide JSON messages, search, pagination, sorting, and filtering.
  • Use predictable, resource-oriented URLs, built-in capabilities for passing parameters and authentication.
  • Respond with standard HTTP response codes to show errors.

By accessing the Talkdesk APIs, you are able to integrate with the Talkdesk systems and get data.

API AreaOperations
Registering/Managing a Partner App (app management - partners only)- Get detailed information about a specific installation of a partner app in a Talkdesk instance of a customer.
- Get exposing events that happen inside Talkdesk® as webhook calls.
Contact CenterContact center operations - trigger callbacks in a customer's call center, record conversations, retrieve and change contact information in a Talkdesk® instance, facilitate ring groups management, etc.
Data PlatformTalkdesk data operations - get real-time metrics, download historical data reports, access sessions’ data from the Talkdesk platform agents, etc.
AdminAccess data from an organization's call center communication platform - retrieve the list of users in an account, get information about a Talkdesk account, etc.


All Talkdesk GA APIs listed by used case

Talkdesk Regions


Base URL

All API calls referenced in the documentation start with base URLs.
These are the base URLs for the Talkdesk regions:

https://api.talkdeskapp.com/ (US)

https://api.talkdeskapp.eu/ (EU)

http://api.talkdeskappca.com/ (Canada)

You need to make sure that you are using the right base URL for your customer's region-based installation. This can be achieved by accessing the root field of the event's payload links.

Partner Apps

Partner apps are developed by certified Talkdesk partners and are listed on AppConnect. These apps can be directly installed via AppConnect and purchased by Talkdesk customers.

A partner app is connected to the Talkdesk's services via (Single Sign-On) and can access different information according to the use cases (retrieval of historical calls and user status data, etc.).

Talkdesk Integrations

A Talkdesk Integration allows you to connect your external services with the Talkdesk systems.

Types of Integrations

1 - Out-of-the-box Integration - CRM/external app integrations that Talkdesk offers for you to configure (Zendesk, Zoho, Pipedrive, etc.). If your goal is to create an out-of-the-box integration that will be available for all customers, contact [email protected] with the request and details on the purpose of the integration. You can also easily integrate with specific systems not offered on the out-of-the-box Talkdesk integrations library.

1.1 - To see these integrations, go to AppConnect and click the Integrations tab (Figure 1).


Figure 1 - Integrations on AppConnect

1.2 - To connect with a desired integration, click Connect (Figure 2 - top right).


Figure 2 - Connecting with an Integration

1.3 - You will be prompted to log into your Talkdesk account. Enter your credentials and then click Continue.


Figure 3 - Login

1.4 - Once you're logged in, the integration will appear on your Integrations tab, inside Admin. Fill the required fields and once you're done, click Save (Figure 4 - bottom).


Figure 4 - Adding an Integration

2 - Custom Integration - if none of the integrations from the out-of-the-box integrations suits your needs, you can create a custom integration featuring:

  • Authentication with an external system.
  • Contact synchronization.
  • Agent synchronization.
  • Actions.
    A custom integration will not be available as an out-of-the-box integration for all Talkdesk customers.

3 - Self-service custom integration - you can configure a connection to your CRM or app just by setting your base URL and authentication. This will allow you to configure custom actions that will be executed every time there is a call, for instance, and having automations for those custom actions as well. You can use Talkdesk Connections™ to create a self-service custom integration. Connections allows you to build a custom integration autonomously, configuring custom integrations and custom actions. This is specially helpful for business cases that are not covered by the current out-of-the-box integrations.