Talkdesk® Partner Developer

To become a Talkdesk Partner Developer, complete the onboarding steps, including filling out partner documents, reading developer documentation, and getting a developer account.


To start preparing your partner app to integrate with the Talkdesk systems, you must:

1 - Fill the partner application, the partner questionnaire, and the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Talkdesk will reply within 15 business days, and a scoping call with Talkdesk can be scheduled according to your questionnaire response.

2 - Send back a signed Marketplace agreement that Talkdesk will provide. Talkdesk will then create a developer account with access to Partner Project, within five business days.

3 - Read all the Talkdesk developer documentation. Be sure to carefully read the app requirements page. Once ready to register the app, contact Talkdesk to schedule a meeting: the goal is to clarify any technical questions that may stem from reading the documentation and help start developing the app in the most fruitful way possible.

Getting a Partner Developer Account

Once all the documents are filled and signed, Talkdesk will provide you with a developer account, along with corresponding API keys, to allow registering a partner app.

The developer account will include free licenses and credits to be applied to the purchase of the first phone number and subsequent minutes charges.

Talkdesk does not provide sample data in these accounts, so it is recommended that you make some sample calls to populate the account with data.


Adding numbers to a Talkdesk account


Contacting Talkdesk

Talkdesk will always communicate via email. You can contact Talkdesk using:

  • [email protected] for inquiries related with the partner onboarding process, partnership terms, marketing, marketplace operations, etc.
  • This form for inquiries related with APIs, scopes, technical questions and support, etc.



If you have questions or technical issues, please open a ticket using this form.