Digital Connect API


The Digital Connect API, a Talkdesk Digital Engagement™ solution, allows you to access the Talkdesk Digital Experience without relying on Talkdesk's digital channel providers. You can use your own channel providers and integrate with the Talkdesk systems by starting a conversation and engaging with it.

Updates or actions coming from Talkdesk will reach your systems via lifecycle events sent to configured webhooks.


Use Case

Consider the case of a digital channel that Talkdesk does not support natively, and your systems are already integrated with that channel. To make use of the Talkdesk's Digital Customer Experience, you can utilize the Digital Connect API to start a new conversation on Talkdesk's side and then send new messages to that conversation. On Talkdesk's side, the agent receives messages in the Conversation App, as they would from any other channel.


Access and Registration



  • Start the conversation by returning a conversation identifier, which you can later use to interact with the conversation. You must have a Digital Connect touchpoint already configured, since every conversation will be associated with one touchpoint.

  • Send a message based on the ID of the previously started conversation to send inbound messages.

  • End a conversation.

  • Receive notifications and messages from the agent - for you to be able to receive messages from the agent or notifications regarding the conversation lifecycle, Digital Connect relies on you using Talkdesk Connections™ to have three predefined actions (conversation_started, conversation_ended, message_created). Each action represents the current lifecycle events that exist. This means you will need to provide a webhook which Talkdesk can invoke to inform about changes on the conversation that occurred on the Talkdesk's side.
    Contact a Custom Success Manager to request this configuration via Connections.


Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The Digital Connect API has been in General Availability since March 2024.


If you have questions or technical issues, please open a ticket using this form.