Available Report Types


There are several report types available:


You can't download a custom or default report or dashboard created in Explore via the Explore API.
The reports that can be extracted via Explore API are the ones listed above.

Report Access and Data Availability


It's generally expected that the customer’s account has access to all the report types listed above, but exceptions may occur according to the contract details or Early Access participation. In case you don’t have access to a particular report type and are interested in it, contact a Customer Success Manager.

Data Availability

  • A report file is available for download for 30 days (the reports available via the Talkdesk® API can change over time).

  • Data is available for up to a month of data per request.

  • If a limit is set in the Data Retention Period in Admin - Preferences, this limit will apply. Know more about the Data Retention Period setting here.


Report File Format

The reports obtained via the Explore API are available in three file formats: CSV, JSON and JSON_BULK. The user can select the file format according to their preference.

By default, report field names are displayed this way:

  • CSV: "Field Name Example".
  • JSON and JSON bulk: "Field_Name_Example".


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