Record Lists API


The Records Lists API, a Talkdesk Predictive Dialer™ solution, allows the creation, deletion, and cataloging of record lists.



A record is a contact of a client that can aggregate a phone number, first and last name, timezone, priority and any extra information that you may want to add about that specific customer.

A list is a group of records that are inserted via API or UI.


Use Case

As a real life example, consider the case where a customer wants to be contacted by a utility company to acquire their service, and fills a form on their website. By using the Record Lists API, the Campaign Manager can automate the insertion of the lead from the form to the list inside a campaign. After the lead is inserted, because it’s a hot lead, the dialer will dial that lead before dialing any other older record. By using the Record Lists API, companies can very quickly get in touch with customers that just filled in a request for contact.


Access and Registration



The Records Lists API allows to:

The Records Lists API also allows inserting records inside lists, which can be hot leads or normal records. This API can also be used to integrate with external and CRM services.

The identifier for a record list can be found by enumerating lists within the account or in the List tab by pressing the engine wheel button for each list.

Record List Limits

  • Global limit of 25 requests per second in all endpoints except for bulk delete endpoint
  • Bulk insert records - 25 requests per second, 100 records per request
  • Bulk delete records - 1 request per second, 200 records per request
  • Bulk update records - 25 requests per second, 100 records per request
  • Maximum number of record lists per account: 200
  • Maximum number of records inside a record list: 250,000


Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The Record Lists API has been in General Availability since August 2021.


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