Billing Insights API


The Billing Insights API is designed to deliver in-depth insights into billing and invoicing data associated with any Talkdesk Instance. It encompasses five key endpoints – "accounts," "products," "subscriptions," "invoices," and "usage/month", offering a comprehensive overview.
Accessible to all customers with the required entitlement, these endpoints empower users to retrieve valuable information about their Talkdesk Instances efficiently.

What You Achieve with the Billing Insights API
The Billing Insights API empowers organizations to enhance their comprehension and strategic reasoning regarding billing and invoicing data associated with Talkdesk Instances under their ownership or management, fostering a more informed decision-making process.

Business Problems the Billing Insights API Solve
By leveraging the Billing Insights API, companies can seamlessly attain programmatic access to critical billing and invoicing data linked to their Talkdesk Instances. This capability addresses the challenge of efficiently managing and extracting actionable insights from the financial aspects of their Talkdesk deployment.

What the Billing Insights API Not Support
While comprehensive in its capabilities, the Billing Insights API currently does not provide an intricate usage breakdown to the individual unit utilized by a Talkdesk Instance within a specified timeframe. This granularity in usage reporting is a feature yet to be incorporated into the API.


Access and Registration



If you're a reseller, please check how to get entitled to this API here


Use Cases

Imagine a scenario where an account admin needs programmatic access to either a specific invoice or all invoices associated with a particular Talkdesk Instance within a specified date range. This functionality serves to establish a centralised repository and facilitates seamless sharing of these invoices with the Accounts Payable (AP) department.

Subscription and Usage
Consider a use case where an account admin requires programmatic access to subscription and usage data for a Talkdesk Instance. This data becomes instrumental in constructing a model for projecting budgetary expenditures related to the Talkdesk instance. By integrating billing information into a third-party system, this approach not only provides insights into operational expenditures for a single instance but also extends to multiple Talkdesk Instances.

Resellers, BPOs, MSPs and Similar Entities
In a scenario where an account admin oversees a Reseller, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), or similar entities managing multiple Talkdesk Organizations (referred to as "parent" accounts), access to the list of Talkdesk Instances linked to respective Talkdesk Organizations becomes crucial. This capability enables administrators to navigate and comprehend the dependency relationships between one or more Talkdesk Instances and their corresponding Talkdesk Organization.



The “Accounts” endpoint provides the names and IDs of Talkdesk Instances affiliated with the Talkdesk Organisation calling the REST API. These IDs serve as a gateway to retrieve detailed information on Talkdesk Instances through subsequent endpoints.


For a comprehensive view of available products and their respective TD Product codes, users can access the “Products” endpoint. This endpoint aligns with the Talkdesk price book, facilitating seamless mapping between products and their associated codes.


To gather information on Talkdesk Instances' subscriptions, users can utilize the “Subscriptions” endpoint. A 403 error is triggered if the specified Talkdesk Instances do not fall under the ownership of the Talkdesk Organization invoking the endpoint.


For an exhaustive breakdown of invoice lines associated with Talkdesk Instances under the purview of the calling Talkdesk Organisation, users can visit the “Invoices” endpoint. A 403 error is generated if the specified Talkdesk Instances are not under the Talkdesk Organization initiating the endpoint.


The “Usage/Month” endpoint - provides aggregated usage data for Talkdesk Instances owned by the Talkdesk Organization making the call. Data is segmented by month for each product, offering insights into usage patterns. A 403 error occurs if the specified Talkdesk Instances are not under the Talkdesk Organization conducting the request.


API Availability

The Billing Insights API becomes available on January 31st 2024.


Subscription Limits

The Billing Insights API rate limit is 25 reqs per second.


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