Get Invoices

All the invoice lines will be returned for the accounts under the organization. A 403 error is returned if the specified accounts are not under the organization performing the call. The results are paged.


Access and Registration



If you're a reseller, please check how to get entitled to this API here.



Body Response - Schema

200 OK

countintegerThe number of results on the current page.
Example: 50
pageintegerThe number of the current page.
Example: 2
per_pageintegerThe number of results per page.
Example: 50
totalintegerThe total number of results for all pages.
Example: 425
total_pagesintegerThe total number of pages.
Example: 9
_embeddedobject"_embedded" subdivides into:

1 - "invoices" (array[object])
1.1 - "id" (string) - The ID of the record.
Example: 8f3e643c16671acaf60e8bceddbc1877

1.2 - "account ID"(string) - The ID of the account.
Example: 5ea75fe7aa224700012eae40

1.3 - number"(string) - The invoice number.
Example: INV13098292

1.4 - "date"(string) - The invoice date.
Example: 2024-08-31T00:00:00.000Z

1.5 - "currency"(string) - The 3 chars ISO code of the currency for the invoice according to ISO-4217 ( ).
Example: USD

1.6 - "total_invoice_amount (number) - The total invoice amount.
Example: 161.5

1.7 - "product_id"(string) - The Talkdesk product code.
Example: TD-LIC-APP-RC-101910

1.8 - "description"(string) - A description for the invoice line.
Example: 08/16/2023 - 09/15/2023

1.9 - "quantity"(number) - The quantity of product in the invoice line
Example: 10

1.10 - rate"(number) - The rate applied to the invoice line product.
Example: 5

1.11 - "amount"(number) - The total amount on the invoice line.
Example: 50
_linksobject"_links" subdivides into:

1 - "first" (object)
1.1 - "href" (string) - The link to the first page.

2. - "last" (object)
2.1 - "href" (string) - The link to the last page.

3. - "next" (object)
3.1 - "href" (string) - The link to the last page.

4. - "prev" (object)
4.1 - "href" (string) - The link to the previous page.

5 - "self" (object)
5.1 - "href" (string) - The link to the current page.

400 (bad request), 401 (unauthorized), 403 (This caller is not authorized to query the given accounts. The accounts specified are not under the organization owning the current authentication token.)

fields array[object]"fields" subdivides into:

"name" (string)

"description" (string)
yes (name and description)


API Availability

The Billing Insights API becomes available on January 31st, 2024.



If you have any questions regarding the usage of this API, or if you’re having any technical issues, please open a ticket using this form.

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