Subscribe to a New Stream

You can get real-time data, via HTTP SSE notifications, available in Talkdesk Live (real-time live monitoring dashboard of a Talkdesk account activity).

The Live dashboard metrics is available here.


Supported Regions and Base URLs



Request Body

  "queries": [
      "id": "7b8deafb74bf490288220fd3543b76af",
      "metadata": {
        "name": "arrived_contacts"
      "params": [],
      "filters": {
        "ring_groups": [
        "range": {
          "type": "interval",
          "interval": 86400
  • The response provides the representation of the newly created subscription with the description of its queries.
  • The relation stream provides the URL for an HTTP SSE client to connect, including the token of a subscription stream resource.

Body Response - Schema

200 (subscription information)

idstringthe subscription unique identifieryes
_linksobject"_links" subdivides into:

1 - "stream" (object)
1.1 - "href" (string)

2 - "self" (object)
2.1 - "href" (string)
entriesobjectList of subscribed entries.
"entries" subdivides into:

1 - "params" (object) - set of parameters for the queries. Each one may have a default value and, if applicable, a hard limit. If a parameter does not have a default, then it is mandatory.

2 - "metadata" (object) - metadata related with the use of the query on the client side.

3 - "query_id" (string) - query unique identifier.

4 - "id" (string) - subscription query unique identifier. Required.

5 - "filters" (object) - set of filters for the query.

6 - "_links" (object)
6.1 - "stream" (object)
6.1.1 - "href" (string)
6.2 - "stream" (object)
6.2.1 - "href" (string)

400 (bad request), 401 (unauthorized), 403 (forbidden), 404 (not found), 415 (unsupported media type), 422 (unprocessable entity)

fieldsarray[object]"fields" subdivides into:

"name" (string)

"description" (string)
yes (name and description)



If you have any questions regarding the usage of this API, or if you’re having any technical issues, please open a ticket using this form.


Body Request Parameters

The body of the request consists of a parameter called queries, an array of objects that subdivides into id, metadata, params and filters.

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