Refresh Token - Basic

Get a new access token


Europe (EU) and Canada (CA) Base URLs

EU - https://{talkdesk-account-name}

CA - https://{talkdesk-account-name}


Access and Registration


Client Authentication

The requests made to the token service must be signed - leveraging HTTP Basic Authentication and Base64 encoding the client_id and client_secret:

$ echo -n '<client_id>:<client_secret>' | openssl base64
require 'base64'

import base64

echo -n 'clientId:clientSecret' | base64
$b  = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes("clientId:clientSecret")


App Listing

To list an app on AppConnect, a signed JWT must be used for additional security when retrieving a token.

Body Response - Schema

200 (the access token - and optional refresh token - generated, along with some additional properties about the authorization)

access_tokenstringthe access tokenyes
token_typestringThe type of token to be specified in the authorization header. Default: Bearer.yes
expires_inintegerduration of time (seconds) the access token is granted foryes
scopestringA space-separated list of scopes (URL encoded) the client requested access to. If the "scope" parameter is not provided in the request body parameter, the returned value will be the list of scopes the client granted.yes
refresh_tokenstringThe refresh token used to obtain another access token. Required only when using "authorization_code" and "refresh_token" grant
sidstringThe session ID of the user authenticated during the authorization code flow. Required only when using "authorization_code" and "refresh_token" grant
id_tokenstringThe ID token (OpenID Connect functionality to return information about the authentication performed during the authorization code flow). Required only when using "authorization_code" grant type and if "openid" scope was included in the "scope" parameter provided in the "/oauth/authorize" request query

400 (bad request), 401 (unauthorized)




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