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Body Response - Schema

200 (the list of contacts)

totalintegerThe total number of contacts in the collectionno
_embeddedobject"_embedded" subdivides into:

1 - "contacts" (
- list of contacts.
1.1 - "confidence_score" (number) - confidence score based on the contact search. Required.
1.2 - "contact" (object) - object details. Required.
1.2.1 - "id" (string) - the contact ID from the external FSI institution (the ID must be used as the identifier of the contact, to get its accounts, cards, payments and transactions). Required.
1.2.2 - "member_id" (string) - an identifier of the contact in the external FSI institution, for some cores it can be social_security, or other contact property, or even equal to the ID. Don't use this property as the contact identifier to get its accounts, cards, payments and transactions). Required.
1.2.3 - "name" (string) - contact name. Required.
1.2.4 - "contacts" (array[object]
- required. - "id" (string) - identification for contact point. Required. - "type" (string) - define the type for this contact point. Allowed values: "PHONE",
"EMAIL", "SMS", "OTHER". Required. - "value" (string) - the actual contact point details. Required. - "use" (string) - purpose of this contact point. Allowed values:
"OLD". Required. - "rank" (integer) - specify preferred order of use (0 = highest); >= 0. Required.
1.2.5 - "addresses" (array[object]
- required. - "id" (string) - identification for the address. - "type" (string) - address type. Allowed values: "POSTAL",
"PHYSICAL", "BOTH". - "street" (string) - street name address (can be Street, Avenue, Square, etc.). - "city" (string) - name of city, town etc. - "district" (string) - district name (aka county). - "district" (string) - district name (aka county). - "state" (string) - sub-unit of country (abbreviations are ok). - "postal_code" (string) - "country" (string) - country (e.g. can be ISO 3166 2 or 3-letter code).
1.2.6 - "id_document_number" (string) - document number associated to a person.
1.2.7 - "id_document_type" (string) - document number associated to a person. Allowed values:
1.2.8 - "birth_date" (string) - required.
1.2.9 - "_links" (object) - self link item for HAL. - "self" (object) - link of the current page. Required. - "href" (string) - address of the resource.

2 - "redacted_fields" (array[string]) - list of fields in the response which are redacted. Each element is the full path access in the response of the redacted field.

400 (bad request), 401 (unauthorized), 403 (forbidden)

fieldsarray[object]"fields" subdivides into:

"name" (string)

"description" (string)
yes (name and description)


API Availability

The FSI Integrations API has been in General Availability since January 2023.



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