App Information


Supported Regions and Base URLs



Body Response - Schema

200 (the app information)

idstringthe ID of a specific app installation for an account
app_typestringA name to identify the app type. Allowed values: "standalone", "atla"
namestringa unique name identifier for the app
display_namestringa friendly, human-readable name of the app
slugstringa friendly identifier of the app used as a part of the app URL
listing_summarystringa summary description just for the listing
descriptionstringa description of the apps main features
notesstringany additional note
version_numberstringthe current app version
renderstringA name to identify where the app should be rendered. Allowed values: "portal", "canvas"
created_typestringthe name of company that created the app
sandboxbooleanidentifier of whether it is a testing environment or not
scopes_reasonstringreason why the app needs additional scopes
emailsarray[object]An array of emails that should be used for notifications regarding the app.

Emails subdivides into "type" and "email", both strings.
assetsarray[object]"assets" subdivides into
"type" (string) - allowed values:
"screenshot", "video", "icon";
"description" (string)
"url" (string)
urlsarray[object]"urls" subdivides into
"type" (string) - allowed values:
"redirect_uri"; "installation_subscription"; "launch_url"; "privacy_policy";
"terms_of_service"; "app_source".
"url" (string)
subscription_typesarray[object]"subscription_types" subdivides into
"type" (string) - allowed values:
"trial", "paid"
"license_type" (string) - allowed values: "individual", "universal"
"name" (string) - the name of the subscription
"price" (integer) - the monthly cost per seat
"description" (string)
"listing_summary" (string)
"min_licenses" (integer)
"max_licenses" (integer)
"created_by" (string)
scopesarray[object]allowed values: "openid", "refresh_token", "apps:read", "apps:write", "reports:read", "reports:write", "events:read", "account:read", "users:read", "recordings:read", "interaction-triggers:read"
capabilitiesarray[object]List of capabilities the app will need to use.
"capabilities" subdivides into "name" (string)
_linksobject"_links" subdivides into "self" (object), which subdivides into "href" (string) and the default is{app_id}

401 (unauthorized) and 404 (app not found)

"fields" subdivides into "name" (string/required)
"description" (string/required)



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