Execute a Report

Create a new report job


Supported Regions and Base URLs


Access and Registration



Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS) is the minimum version of the TLS protocol allowed for use on the Explore API endpoints.



Body Request - Example

  "name": "string",
  "timezone": "string",
  "format": "csv",
  "timespan": {
    "from": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z",
    "to": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z"

Body Response - Schema

202 (job accepted)

idstringthe job IDno
namestringreport's nameno
timezonestringtimezone in IANA format which the report timespan (from and to) will be applied
statusstringReport status indicating the workflow progress.
Allowed values: "created",
"processing", "uploading",
"done", "failed", "canceled", "deleted"
formatstringFormat in which the report file will be created.
Allowed values: "csv", "json", "json_bulk"
timespanobjectTime range to filter for the report content.

"timespan" subdivides into:

1 - "from" (string
- start datetime filter for the records to be retrieved from the report.

2 - "to" (string
- end datetime filter for the records to be retrieved from the report.

400 (bad request), 401 (unauthorized), 403 (inputs misconfiguration), 429 (too many requests), 503 (unable to audit operation)

fieldsarray[object]"fields" subdivides into:

"name" (string)

"description" (string)
yes (name and description)


Report Availability and Data Latency

You can't download a custom or default report or dashboard created in Explore via the Explore API. The reports that can be extracted via Explore API are:

The report file will be available for download for 30 days.
The data obtained via the Explore API may have a 5-minute delay compared to real-time.


Account-based Quota

The Explore API has an account-based quota limit of 15 simultaneous reports (executing + enqueued). If this limit is exceeded, the user will receive a 429 (too many requests) response.


A Request to Execute a Report May Fail When

  • The credentials are not valid or the required scope is missing.
  • The report request:
    • Does not have a valid structure.
    • Is missing a mandatory field.
  • Some report request field has an invalid value (e.g.: invalid report format or not properly formatted date time).
  • The report's end date (timespan.to) is:
    • Prior to the start date (timespan.from).
  • The difference in days between the end date (timespan.to) and the start date (timespan.from) is greater than 31.
  • The report's timezone is not a valid timezone. Only timezones that follows the IANA standard are allowed.
  • The account-based quota limit of 15 simultaneous reports (executing + enqueued) has been exceeded.



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