Studio Flow Execution Report


The Studio Flow Execution Report is a detailed report that contains, at the step level, all the information related to the interaction.



An interaction consists of the full activity of communication between agents and callers, and contacts are subsets of an interaction (transfers or fallbacks to different ring groups).


Specify the studio_flow_execution type in the Explore API request path: /data/reports/studio_flow_execution/jobs


Studio Flow Execution Report metrics

Report Example

Studio Flow Execution Call_SID,Studio Flow Execution Interaction ID,Studio Flow Execution Destination Number,Studio Flow Execution Origin Number,Flow Definition Name,Studio Flow Execution Flow Definition ID,Component Title,Executed Step Name,Studio Flow Execution Exit Name,Studio Flow Execution Time In Step Execution,Studio Flow Execution Step Execution Started Time,Studio Flow Execution Flow Execution Finished Time,Studio Flow Execution Step Execution Order
demo1234-1234-abcd-12ab-1234567890ab,demo1235-1234-abcd-12ab-1234567890ab,+7123456789,+26123456789,flow-definition-name,123456d76149b5cd2cdec9ab3c123456,Inbound Voice,start_step,ok,0.0003076504508499056,2020-07-19 16:22:37,2020-07-19 23:45:38,0


Data and Report Availability

Up to a month of data per request.

The least recent month with available data goes as far back as 13 months.


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