Listing an App on AppConnect

AppConnect is the Talkdesk marketplace for call center apps.

Submitting an app to the AppConnect marketplace allows you to make use of the AppConnect channels and capabilities.

When the app is listed on the marketplace with the Install button, it allows installing the app in a self-service way.


Figure 36 - App Ready to be Installed

The app can be listed showing the Contact Talkdesk button. This allows the generation of leads and controlled installation via the installation link. With this link, the app can also be installed in a self-service way by the customer.


Figure 37 - Contact Talkdesk

App Ready to Be Published: Use Cases

1 - You conclude the app registration, but you don't want to share it on the AppConnect marketplace:

1.1 - The app is finished.

1.2 - The app status is approved.

1.3 - The app is ready to be installed.

2 - You want to publish an app on the AppConnect marketplace: it must get the technical and marketplace approval.


For an app to be installable for the customer, the Technical workflow needs to be finalized.

For an app to be published on the AppConnect marketplace, the Marketplace workflow needs to be finalized and made visible by the AppConnect team.


More information about AppConnect apps (building, registering, submitting, etc.) here.


App Listing - Useful Links

All partner app requirements

Client credentials

Signed JWT

Unlisting an App

If an app is already approved and listed on the AppConnect marketplace, and you wish to remove it, a request has to be made to the AppConnect team via [email protected].



If you have questions or technical issues, please open a ticket using this form.