Phone Validation API


The Phone Validation API performs a series of phone validations in inbound calls to obtain device and phone number fraud-related insights.


Use Case

As a real life example, consider the scenario where Talkdesk administrators want to detect and route potential fraudulent calls within Talkdesk Studio, or get insights regarding a designated phone number, or even a series of phone numbers. Using the Phone Validation API, it is possible to obtain the insights of the phone number(s) so those can be used to integrate with Studio or even with third-party systems.

Integrating with Studio

You can integrate the Phone Validation API with Studio by using Studio components. You can use the Execute Action component to call the Phone Validation API and expose the insights as variables in Studio. Then you can use the Conditional Statement component to define the routing logic in Studio.


Access and Registration



Getting the phone number insights (this endpoint helps understand the variables below).




Reveals if this phone number is a live phone number that is currently active


The carrier this phone number has been assigned to, or "N/A" if unknown


The two-character country code for the phone number

Do Not Call (DNC)

Indicates if the phone number is listed on any DNC lists

Fraud Score

The risk score, which measures how likely a phone number is to be fraudulent

Line Type

The type of line this phone number is associated with (Toll-Free, Mobile, Landline, Satellite, Voice Over Internet Protocol - VOIP, Premium Rate, Pager, etc...), or "N/A" if unknown


Indicates if this phone number is associated with a prepaid service plan


Points out if this phone number is associated with fraudulent activity, scams, fake accounts, or other suspicious behavior


The phone validation status as a result of the Fraud Score

Recent Abuse

Details on whether this phone number has been associated with recent or ongoing fraud


Indicates if the phone number is considered valid based on assigned phone numbers available to carriers in the caller’s country


Illustrates if this phone number is a VOIP or a digital phone number.


The date and time when the call took place


Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The Phone Validation API has been in General Availability since February 2022.

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