Simulated Email API


The Simulated Email API empowers contact persons to send inbound email interactions to contact center agents by submitting web forms. When contact persons submit web forms, and the Simulated Email API is successfully invoked, agents can receive inbound email interactions in Talkdesk and manage them just like regular emails.

Business Context

What Can You Achieve with the Simulated Email API?

This API allows contact persons to send inbound emails using web forms. Also, the Simulated Email API can quickly generate various interactions within a short timeframe.

Business Problems the Simulated Email API Solves

Web forms are commonly used by contact persons to submit customer requests. However, it can be challenging for contact center agents to manage these requests centrally alongside other digital channels like emails, chat, and SMS. By enabling the creation and submission of emails through web forms, agents gain the capability to efficiently handle all requests in a centralized manner.

What the Simulated Email API doesn't Support

You need to ensure that all the information gathered via the web form is accurately mapped and presented in the email body to prevent any crucial details from being overlooked.


Use Case

As a real-life example, consider the scenario where contact persons submit web forms, and the Simulated Email API is successfully invoked. Then, inbound email interactions are generated via the web forms. Contact center agents can then receive and manage these email interactions in Talkdesk, just as they do with regular emails.


Access and Registration



Send a simulated message to an agent by email.

Figure 1 - Send a message with attachments

Figure 1 - Send a simulated message


Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The Simulated Email API has been in GA since November 2023.


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