Partner Starting Point

Discover how to become a Talkdesk partner and access Partner Project, the platform for registering, managing, and developing partner apps for integration with Talkdesk systems.

A Talkdesk® partner is able to integrate with the Talkdesk systems (using Partner Project, accessing the Talkdesk APIs, registering an app, listing apps on the AppConnect Marketplace, etc.).

Landing page of the Talkdesk Partner Project

Figure 1 - Partner Project Landing Page

You can use Partner Project to register and manage/edit a partner app.


Become a Partner Developer

Talkdesk Partner Directory

Partner Ecosystem

As a Talkdesk partner, you will get a developer account and access to Partner Project, to allow you to start developing with Talkdesk.


Talkdesk/Partner Communication

Talkdesk will always communicate via email.



If you have questions or technical issues, please open a ticket using this form.