SCIM 2.0, the System for Cross-domain Identity Management standard, allows for user identity information management between cloud systems. Talkdesk® enables automatic and simplified user management through the SCIM 2.0 protocol. Our SCIM API follows this protocol so please refer to the IETF standard Core Schema RFC and to the Protocol RFC to learn more.

Over the SCIM API, Talkdesk receives the user’s first name, last name and email information and creates the user based on it. By default, the user status is “active”, which means that the licensing is automatically consumed on provisioning.



Prior to initiating the configuration, please ensure the necessary credentials to provide the service are available (JWT or STS tokens), and that enough licenses exist at Talkdesk for all the users.

If at the end of the procedure, some users are provisioned with the “Deactivated” status in the Talkdesk system, it may be due to the lack of licenses for all new users. In this case, please check the complete information in Agents and Licenses.



The SCIM API only supports the User resource.

The SCIM API does not work for Talkdesk Phone user creation.

The rate limit for this API is 4 requests per second, if you encounter a 429 response status code (Too many requests), please retry within the next second.

Choosing the preferred token

SCIM API supports two types of tokens:

  • JWT
  • TD STS token / API Key

JWT tokens

By default, JWTs have a TTL of 10 minutes, but by updating the OAuth client to support the SCIM scope the token lifetime is extended to 30 days. This means you will have to renew the token every 30 days. For more information, refer to Authentication.

STS tokens

STS tokens can live forever as long as they are being used. The process to request a new STS token must be initiated by Talkdesk. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager team to initiate the process. For more information, refer to Authentication.

Integration with different systems

Talkdesk offers integration with:

  • OKTA
  • Microsoft Entra ID
  • OneLogin

Besides these integrations it's also possible to create a custom integration by using our available SCIM API endpoints.


API Availability

The SCIM API scope can only be accessed through a request process.

Please contact a Customer Success Manager for more information.


SCIM Integration

Note that only the supported fields should be configured to be sent to the Talkdesk SCIM API, otherwise the integration might fail. The list of supported fields can be found here.


If you have questions or technical issues, please open a ticket using this form.