There are three types of Talkdesk® integrations:


Out-of-the-box Integration

To create an out-of-the-box integration that will be available for all customers, contact [email protected] with the request and details on the purpose of the integration.

Building and Submitting a Talkdesk Custom Integration

Talkdesk customers and partners can easily integrate with specific systems not offered on the out-of-the-box Talkdesk integrations library.

Focusing on the integration of CRMs, support tools and other third-party software where customer data is synchronized with the Talkdesk customer instances, this section will provide all the necessary information to prepare and submit a request to activate a Talkdesk custom integration:

This section provides information on how to prepare the necessary information to be sent to Talkdesk for the activation of a custom integration. This will include some information such as the integration name and details, endpoints definition, etc. This information will allow Talkdesk to correctly configure the custom integration, so it can correctly communicate with the external system.


Multiple Requests

It is possible to perform multiple requests for the same custom integration to be activated on multiple Talkdesk instances.

Building a Custom Integration with Connections

This section explains how to create a custom integration using Connections. The difference between this and the custom integration creating process described above is that Connections allows you to be autonomous in configuring custom integrations and custom actions.


Connections is particularly helpful for business cases not covered by the current out-of-the-box integrations.


Connections doesn't support Contact/Agent Sync. If you require any of these, you must get them via a Custom Integration.

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