Identity API

Talkdesk Identity™

Identity is an authentication and fraud detection tool that empowers you to automatically authenticate callers with voice biometrics and quickly identify potential threats by profiling the phone number that is being used by the caller.


  • Shortens lengthy verification processes and connect customers with agents quickly and securely with voice biometrics.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Talkdesk Studio™ to automate the entire authentication process.
  • Protects customer data with voice biometrics and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  • Increases security and protect customer data by flagging high-risk interactions to stop fraudsters from gaining access to your contact center.


Identity as a product

Identity Overview

Identity APIs

  • Identity Insights API - gives you access to a list of identity call information regarding callers’ authentication with voice biometrics and fraud-related insights concerning the caller’s phone number.
  • Phone Validation API - processes phone validations in inbound calls to get device and number fraud-related insights.
  • Voice Biometrics Opt-In API - allows the opt-in of contacts enrolled in voice biometrics.
  • Voice Biometrics Opt-Out API - allows the opt-out of contacts enrolled in voice biometrics.


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