Do Not Call Lists API


The Do Not Call Lists (DNCL) API, a Talkdesk Predictive Dialer™ solution, allows retrieving, creating, and modifying DNCL for Outbound Dialer. It also allows you to insert entries in a DNCL and to list all the DNCL inside the account. This API can also be used to integrate with external and CRM services.


Use Case

As a real life example, consider the case where a user wants to send entries to a DNCL from Salesforce. Usually, customers use Salesforce to manage their day-to-day operations, as well as sending customers to a DNCL when they asked not be contacted anymore. By using the DNCL API, they can easily send individual records from their CRM to the DNCL inside the Dialer. By doing this, they make sure that those records are no longer contacted.


Access and Registration




To use DNCL API, the DNCL API ID is required. This ID is found by listing DNCL within the account and on the DNCL tab, by clicking the engine wheel button for each DNCL.

The DNCL API allows to:


Requests for Updating Entries

The two requests for updating entries will update the expiration_date variable inside a DNCL. The DNCL ID and entity that are to be updated are necessary to perform this action.

Do Not Call List Limits

  • Global limit of 25 requests per second in all endpoints except for bulk delete endpoint
  • Bulk update entries - 25 requests per second, 100 records per request
  • Bulk delete entries - 1 request per second, 200 entries per request
  • Maximum number of DNC lists per account: 60


Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The DNCL API has been in General Availability since August 2021.


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