Data Model

The Live API follows the Talkdesk® Contacts Data Model.


The Live API, a Talkdesk Live™ solution, allows you to obtain your real-time metrics for a better overview of your call center operations, providing you with real-time information.

These real-time metrics are obtained via HTTP SSE notifications available in Talkdesk Live (real-time live monitoring dashboard of a Talkdesk account activity). This allows you to get updates on changing data with a minimum frequency of five seconds up to a maximum of 60 seconds (when no change occurs), up to a maximum of 16 metrics per subscription.

The Live API also allows creating a tailored dashboard in the Data Visualization tool, and/or crossing it with other data from the user for further analysis.

You can also develop software using the Live API as an input source. Some use cases could be:

  • Triggering actions based on the input information.
  • Storing data on your side to complement other data sources.


Use Case

As a real life example, consider the scenario where a global company has multiple Talkdesk accounts, for different affiliates around the globe, but they want to have a live dashboard with the aggregated metrics from reach region. Or, alternatively, consider a company that has a live dashboard with KPIs from other areas besides Customer Experience. You can use the Live API to pull data from Talkdesk and show it jointly with data from other systems.


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General Flow


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Supported Regions and Base URLs


Availability Date

The Live API has been in General Availability since December 2020.


If you have questions or technical issues, please open a ticket using this form.