Managing Trials and User Roles


Talkdesk AppConnect™ partners must provide a 30-day trial to the users, allowing them to experience new apps instantly.

The users can decide to select the free trial option during the installation process. Once the installation has been initiated by the user, you are able to access the selected subscription using the Apps API.


Trial Extension

Talkdesk® restricts the user access to the installed app after 30 days. The trial period can be extended while still active, via request, including the Talkdesk account name and new expiration date.

During the lifecycle of a trial, Talkdesk publishes these webhooks via the Events API:


Talkdesk manages communication around trial expirations as part of its set of app lifecycle communication and alerts.


User Roles
All users that are assigned a license to the partner app are able to launch it.
If the app offers different experiences based on user roles or permissions, it is recommended that you assume the installing administrator role as the sole admin in the hosted app.

Installing Admin
The installing admin role can be retrieved by looking at the created_by field in the /apps/{app_id}/installations/{id} endpoint.
Each subsequent user outside the installing admin that is added to the solution must be assumed to be a "standard user" by default.


Assigning Roles

The solution must then provide a mechanism for assigning admin roles to additional users, during the partner app launch, if necessary.
If the app doesn't provide an experience for standard users, you must provide a friendly splash page to communicate this, and instruct the user about their admin for more details.



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