Saving or Publishing an Action

Action Status

An action can be in one of four different status:

  • Draft.
  • Active.
  • Deprecated.
  • End of Life.

When creating an action, it is possible to save it as Draft (1) or to publish it (2) as seen in Figure 13. As the name depicts, saving it as Draft saves the action with the Draft status. Publishing the action sets it to Active.

Figure 13 - Save as Draft vs Publish ActionFigure 13 - Save as Draft vs Publish Action

Figure 13 - Save as Draft vs Publish Action

Figure 14 - Publishing an ActionFigure 14 - Publishing an Action

Figure 14 - Publishing an Action

A Draft Action cannot be used in Studio. However, it can, contrary to the other status, be fully edited. With this, the most common flow would be:

1 - Save as Draft.
2 - Test action.
3 - Edit action to correct what was incorrect.
4 - Test action.
5 - Publish action.


Once an action is published, its status is set to Active, and it can no longer be set as Draft. Once it is Active, it can no longer be edited, but it can be used in Studio.

An action can be published straight away when configuring the Action (Figure 7).

The action can also be published afterwards, when visualizing the Action (Figure 8).


When the action is not supposed to be used, as it will eventually stop working, its status must be changed to Deprecated.

An End of Life status indicates the action may no longer be working correctly.

Regardless, Active, Deprecated and End of Life actions can be configured in Studio and executed from there.

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