Financial Services Experience Cloud for Insurance


The Financial Services Experience Cloud (FSEC) for Insurance comprises a suite of Talkdesk products that facilitate access to information about an insurance member across multiple channels and throughout various interaction stages.

FSEC for Insurance utilizes integration bridges to connect with core system information. The endpoints supplied by the integration bridge must be secured using one of the following authentication schemes: Basic Authentication, API Key Authentication, or OAuth 2.0 Authentication.

This document provides an overview of the infrastructure requirements, outlines the endpoints, and specifies the models that must be supported when developing a new integration bridge.


Use Case

The FSEC for Insurance features an application named Insurer 360, which displays information about an insurance member across various cards. It offers the capability to initiate new forms and construct virtual agents to facilitate a self-service experience for members. The product consists of distinct components categorized into four main groups:

  • Claim Management: This allows Customer Service Representatives (CSR) or Claims Service Representatives to initiate a new claim on behalf of the insured/customer using the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) form. The CSR agent can select a policy, input loss details, review the information, submit it to the claims administrative system, and receive confirmation. Additionally, the CSR has access to information about existing claims, including status, incident details, vehicles, etc.
  • Policy Servicing: The policy servicing workspace is designed for CSR agents to inquire about policyholders' policies. It supports policyholders in filing and submitting new policies, as well as editing existing ones. CSR agents can obtain clear information about the status of a member’s policies, details about coverage, and identify potential sales opportunities.
  • New Business: The new business process enables agents to create a comprehensive quote for the personal auto line of business and submit it to the core system.
  • Billing Service: The billing service aims to enhance the customer experience by providing CSR agents with accuracy and efficiency in managing policy-holder billing information. They can easily retrieve and offer assistance using the intuitive "Billing Card" or the dedicated "Billing Account Tab" located on the agent dashboard.


All endpoints provided by the integration bridge must be protected using one of the following authentication schemes.

Basic Authentication

Talkdesk calls the endpoint, including a header on the HTTP request which complies with the basic authentication standard.

API Key Authentication

Talkdesk invokes the endpoint by including a header in the HTTP request containing the API key.

OAuth 2.0 Authentication

Talkdesk employs the OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow to generate a token (JSON web token). This token is then included in the header when submitting requests to any endpoint offered by the custom connector.


Policy Center

Claim Center

Billing Center


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