Guardian API

Talkdesk Guardian™

Guardian provides key insights into agent performance and helps ensure your most important contact center security processes and protocols are followed.

Guardian can help close critical vulnerabilities such as inconsistent policy enforcement, or deliberate fraud, boosting agent productivity and recommending the next steps you should take towards improving contact center security. Guardian is driven by behavioral analytics and powered by machine learning.


  • Detect Cases, i.e., unusual user behavior that should be investigated.
  • Users' profiles and enriched details on their ability to deliver good service.
  • Audit logs on user sessions and enriched details on login and logout details.
  • Create reports and get notified if the specified conditions are met.


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Guardian as a product

Using Guardian

Guardian APIs

  • Guardian Sessions API - allows to easily access to sessions’ data (login and logout information, used device and authentication method) from the Talkdesk® platform agents.
  • Guardian Users API - provides all the information Guardian has about the users of an account (name, role, ring groups, creation place, user activation, status, and user overall call quality).
  • Guardian Cases API - allows access to the list of cases detected while analyzing Talkdesk® platform agents' behavior.
  • Guardian Call Quality API - provides all the information Guardian has on the users’ call quality from the previous 30 days.



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