Agent Synchronization

Agent synchronization allows linking agents in Talkdesk® to licensed users in the customer’s system.

Talkdesk will send an HTTP POST to the bridge's endpoint when ‌agent synchronization is necessary.



authHash•A hash of authentication fields containing a user's credentials within the external service.
•The keys correspond to the fields asked by the integration when configuring it with Talkdesk.
metaHashA hash of meta fields containing accessory information that is useful for the bridge to fulfill this request


meta.offset•Integer (Nullable)
The offset that the bridge must apply when retrieving agents from the third-party system
❗️ NOTE: The first request is always executed with a null value.


1 - Use the auth fields to authenticate on behalf of the user within the external service. Talkdesk makes sure that all mandatory fields are filled as expected.

2 - Retrieve the agents by calling the correct external endpoint.

3 - Adapt the data received by returning a JSON in a format that Talkdesk understands.


Every time the synchronizer performs a run, this parameter is omitted in the first call. It is only sent if the bridge instructs the synchronizer that there are more records available by providing a next_offset in the response.

Sample Request

    "auth": {
        "username": "[email protected]",
        "password": "605b32dd"
	“offset”: 5



Each field must contain an agent with these fields:
a) id
•Type: string, mandatory.
•Description: the agent ID in the external service.
b) name
•Type: String, mandatory.
•Description: the agent’s name.
c) email
•Type: string, mandatory.
Description: the email’s agent.
next_offset•Integer.Value for next page offset, if there are more records that match the query. If there are no more records to synchronize, do not send this field.

Sample Response

            "id": 341231,
            "name": "John Doe",
            "email": "[email protected]"
    “next_offset”:  6



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