Talkdesk® APIs

Talkdesk APIs by Use Case

Registering a Partner App (app installation and management)

  • Events API - exposes events that happen inside Talkdesk as webhook calls. It allows subscribing to events around an app's lifecycle.
  • Apps API - detailed information about a specific installation of a partner app in a Talkdesk® customer's instance.

Contact Center (call center operations)

  • Callback API - places a caller in the queue without them having to wait on hold. The agent is dialed when the caller reaches the top of the queue.
  • Contacts API - check and edit a contact's information.
  • Ring Groups API - ring groups management.
  • Flows API - when the Flows API is triggered, it starts an interaction that executes the published version of a given Studio flow.
  • Do Not Call Lists API - a Predictive Dialer solution that allows retrieving, creating, and modifying DNCL for Outbound Dialer.
  • Record Lists API - a Predictive Dialer solution that allows the creation, deletion, and cataloging of record lists.
  • Voice Biometrics Opt-In API - allows to programmatically set a caller’s consent to proceed with the enrollment in voice biometrics.
  • Voice Biometrics Opt-Out API - allows to programmatically opt-out enrolled users by deleting their voice profile.
  • Phone Validation API - performs a series of phone validations in inbound calls to obtain device and phone number fraud-related insights.
  • Conversation Streams API - allows streaming the agent and/or caller audio in real-time.

Talkdesk Data (requesting Talkdesk data reports and metrics)

  • Live API - data in real-time.
  • Explore API and Reporting API - historical data reports source files.
  • Guardian Sessions API - sessions’ data from the Talkdesk platform agents.
  • Guardian Users API - all the information Guardian has about the users of an account (name, role, ring groups, creation place, user activation and status).
  • Guardian Cases API - allows access to the list of cases detected while analyzing Talkdesk® platform agents' behavior.

Admin (management and information)

Accessing the Talkdesk APIs

  • If you are a current customer with a plan, email [email protected] asking for the API access, sending your account information. Please note that each partner app has access to a set of APIs (the requested ones) and there can be no exceptions (adding or removing scopes) per customer request.
  • If you are a current customer without a plan, contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • Go here if you are interested in becoming a partner.


Talkdesk APIs are available to platform partners and enterprise customers.


Talkdesk doesn't give API access to third-parties other than customers, or third-party companies that are engaged with the Talkdesk AppConnect™ partnership program.


Talkdesk Customers

Unencrypted credentials must not be shared with anyone (not even with Talkdesk).

Talkdesk Customers or Testing

To access a specific account's data (for example, for Talkdesk customers using Talkdesk APIs to customize their experience or partners testing out and experimenting with Talkdesk APIs), you can use Builder and generate an account-restricted OAuth client. In this case, you can use the base URL that corresponds to the region the account is in.

Partner Apps

Partner apps are able to access the Talkdesk APIs by using the Events API to obtain OAuth client credentials for specific customers that install the app. You obtain this by listening to the app.installed event. This event provides not only the OAuth client credentials but also a link, named root, that specifies the localized API Gateway to access the Talkdesk APIs and retrieves data for the specified customer. The root link is present in all events.


Connecting an App to Talkdesk AppConnect™

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