This section will guide you through all the processes that allow Talkdesk partners to build apps that integrate with Talkdesk®. You will get to know all about partners and partner apps (guidelines, requirements, authentication, etc.), Talkdesk AppConnect™ (the marketplace for call center apps), Partner Project (the portal you use to register and manage a partner app), etc.

Landing page of the Talkdesk Partner Project

Figure 1 - Partner Project Landing Page

Partner Apps

Partner apps are third-party solutions that integrate and expand the Talkdesk ecosystem. These apps are developed and made available by certified partners. After getting reviewed by Talkdesk, partners can list their apps on the AppConnect marketplace, where they can be purchased and installed by Talkdesk customers (any customer with a Talkdesk account can purchase and install a partner app).

Landing page of AppConnect, the Talkdesk partner app marketplace

Figure 2 - AppConnect Partner Apps


Becoming a Talkdesk Partner

Partner Apps and Talkdesk APIs

Requests to the Talkdesk APIs are possible when they include a valid access token generated from OAuth 2.0 client credentials. These credentials are given to the partner apps systems via HTTP messages sent to web addresses configured as webhooks (by the partner) for each app they own. The Events API is responsible for sending the message representing the app.installed event. The payload will include, among other fields, the client credentials and a link, root, that specifies the localized API Gateway to access the desired Talkdesk APIs and enable retrieval of data for the specified customer. The root link is present in all events.


OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials

Whenever a Talkdesk customer installs a partner app, the partner will receive client credentials via a webhook. These credentials allow the partner app to access information regarding that specific installation. This means client credentials are installation-specific. For example: two Talkdesk customers, Alice and Bob, install the partner app "App". Then "App" must have received two app.installed messages, each with different client credentials. One to retrieve Alice's data, another to retrieve Bob's data.

Partner Apps and Customer Experience

Every partner app must connect to Talkdesk via Single Sign-On and provide automatic installation processes and provisioning for all Talkdesk users. Partners can provide this experience by properly interacting with event messages sent by Events API (as explained above).


You only need a Talkdesk account to install a partner app. These apps can be directly installed via AppConnect and purchased by Talkdesk customers.


Talkdesk Regional Cloud

When building a partner app, you need to make sure your app supports all the Talkdesk regions.

Partner App Operations



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