Time-Off Sync with HR Systems


The Talkdesk Workforce Management (WFM) app has introduced a feature that simplifies the synchronization of approved time-offs across Talkdesk’s WFM service and HR systems. This feature presents a generic solution through Talkdesk Custom Integrations to relay time-off data triggered by the creation, editing, or deletion of time-off periods in the Talkdesk WFM app.

The customer side needs some configuration to adapt the synchronization with the desired HR system.

What the Feature Offers

This feature offers building blocks for an asynchronous push of WFM’s time-off data to external services. The data push to create the automation trigger will be done right after each time-off event is released in WFM. This push is synchronous and ensures that the time-offs are pushed in chronological order for each associated user.

Service Requirements

As this feature is a generic solution to push time-offs from WFM to different HR systems, some development work is required from the customer to achieve successful synchronization. The customer needs to develop a service that will connect to the Talkdesk custom integration and process the data provided by the WFM trigger.

Data Processing

Different services store their data differently, such as an identifier for a resource, and/or as a time-off. So, it is crucial to have a service that processes Talkdesk data, maps it to compatible data for the chosen HR system, and pushes it to the system. To achieve accurate mapping, it is recommended to store complementary identifier values for time-offs.

Suggested Mapping

There are some common values that need to be mapped to the values independently of the HR system, such as the time-off’s associated user. To map these resources, it's recommended to use the email attributed to both resources, which must be the same in both systems and provide you with the necessary identifiers to proceed.


The Talkdesk user resource can be found in the user associated with the time off and in the user that took the action on the time off (creation, edition, or deletion). To map these resources, it's recommended to use the email attributed to both resources, which must be the same in both systems and provide you with the necessary identifiers to proceed.

Time Off

This type of resource is unlikely to have a unique, common identifier across ‌services. It's recommended to store the complementary identifier values to guarantee accurate mapping.

Event Type

This type of resource is likely to only have an equivalent resource for the HR system, but by defining the resource’s name with a unique name on both systems, it can be used to map the resources.

System Failures

In the case the push is not successful, it will attempt ten more times before a timeout. In the case that any dependency service is down, there is no guarantee the event will be sent. Failure to connect to the service defined in the connection and action will also have no fallback to push at a later time. In case the customer service returns an error response, there will be no visual cue in Talkdesk’s UI, and the failure is only registered in the logs.

Talkdesk Custom Integration

A custom connection allows configuring the authentication to be used to connect a defined service of origin to be used in the context of the integration.


An action allows defining the specific URI to be called, in the service defined in the connection, and configuring the associated path and query parameters, the input, and the output.


Saving or publishing an action


An automation allows relaying the data of a selected trigger to a selected action to be executed.

The WFM triggers contain data related to the time-off event such as the starting time, ending time, email of the associated agent, and many more, this data will feed the input fields of the action. WFM has three triggers available to relay time off data:

The respective documentation for each trigger provides an example for usage and suggestions on how to best use each field of the trigger as filter criteria, if required.



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