Feedback Flow Report


The Feedback Flow Report provides a raw log of survey responses, channels, and interactions associated with the survey responses and other metadata.


Specify feedback_flow as report type in the Explore API request path: /data/reports/feedback_flow/jobs.


Feedback Flow Report metrics

Report Example

This example is generated by SMS surveys from the Feedback Flow Builder.

   "entries": [
           "date & time": "2022-09-05 07:30:00.000",
           "Feedback_flow_started.interaction_id": "8888888a888888888888a8a88aaaa88a",
           "feedback_flow_started.flow_name": "Survey sample",
           "feedback_flow_step_sent.componentid_1": "3ef287de-cfb7-4a21-a754-9cc5b5b976cb",
           "feedback_flow_step_sent.componentname_1": "CSAT Rating",
           "feedback_flow_step_sent.componenttype_1": "csat",
           "feedback_flow_step_sent.componenttext_1": "On a scale of 1 (least satisfied) to 5 (most satisfied) please rate your overall experience. To opt-out please reply STOP.",
           "feedback_flow_step_mapped.response": null,
           "feedback_flow_step_sent.is_kpi": "Yes or no",
           "feedback_flow_step_sent.pertainstoagent_1": "Yes or no",
           "calls_historical_base.recording_url": "",
           "": "Agent Name",
           "feedback_flow_step_sent.respondentphonenumber_1": "+18888888888",
           "feedback_flow_started.talkdeskphonenumber_1": "+19999999999",
           "ring group": "Ring Group",
           "": "Team Name",
           "feedback_flow_started.interactiondirection_1": "IN",
           "feedback_flow_started.surveychannel_1": "SMS",
           "feedback_flow_terminated.smserror_1": null
   "total": 1


Data and Report Availability

Up to a month of data per request.

There are no limits on the data available regarding the timeframe.


Messaging Traffic Report @ Explore API vs @ Reporting API - Data Availability and Data Freshness

Regarding data freshness, there is no difference between the Explore API and Reporting API. Both share the same assumptions of data and report availability.