The Customer Feedback Management (CFM) API, part of the Talkdesk Feedback™ solution, allows you to add feedback survey data to a Talkdesk® instance.


  • Interaction ID: the Talkdesk conversation ID.
  • Survey Channel: the channels that trigger feedback surveys, which currently include Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Chat.
  • Survey Name: the name of the feedback survey should be meaningful and descriptive.
  • Question: the feedback survey questions sent by the system.
  • Answer: user responses to each feedback survey question.
  • Question Type: the types of feedback survey questions currently available include customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS), and open text.
  • KPI: some CSAT and NPS issues may be related to key performance indicators (KPIs).

Business Context

What Can You Achieve with the CFM API?

The CFM API enables external systems to import feedback survey question data into the Talkdesk system. This capability is made possible through four major features:

  • Centralized interactions.
  • Sophisticated collaboration.
  • Advanced automations.
  • Seamless integration.

Business Problems the CFM API Solves

The CFM API allows you to user feedback survey data that can be effortlessly viewed within the Talkdesk system.

What the CFM doesn't Support

The customer can access feedback survey data within the Talkdesk system, even if the feedback source is not initiated by Talkdesk. Currently, the customer can utilize the CFM API to import feedback data into the Talkdesk system, enhancing their ability to view it.


Use Case

Consider a scenario where a company already has its own management system, but wishes to utilize Talkdesk's feedback management system and integrate it into their existing system. In such cases, they can invoke the CFM API for each feedback survey.


Access and Registration



Collect feedback data.


Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The CFM API has been in General Availability since April 2023.


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