Bulk Import API


The Bulk Import API allows creating and updating agents' settings by uploading a CSV file. In addition, previous agents' settings uploads can be checked for their status, including errors and completion.

Business Context

What You Can Achieve with the Bulk Import API

You can use the Bulk Import API to update and create agents' settings, such as name or contact information, without needing to go to the Talkdesk web app. By uploading a CSV file via the Bulk Import API, you can quickly make updates to multiple settings.

Business Problems the Bulk Import API Solves

The Bulk Import API can solve several business problems related to managing agents' settings by:

  • Saving time and effort by allowing bulk updates to agents' settings through the upload of a CSV file, which can be especially useful when dealing with many settings for multiple agents.
  • Reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies that can occur when making manual updates to agents' settings, which can lead to confusion and inefficiency in the workplace.
  • Allowing for easy tracking and monitoring of previous agents' settings uploads, which can help to identify errors and ensure that all updates are completed successfully (these uploads are only stored for up to 20 days).
    Overall, the Bulk Import API can streamline the process of managing agents' settings, improve efficiency and accuracy, and help companies to better manage their resources.

What the Bulk Import API doesn't Support

The Bulk Import API doesn’t support all agents' settings, and it has a limitation of 1001 lines (1 header line and 1000 users) in the CSV file. Additionally, while it can identify errors, the Bulk Import API will not be able to automatically resolve these errors and/or provide detailed error messages.


Use Cases

Use Case 1
Consider a scenario where an admin of a contact center needs to update the information of several agents (edit their name, email, ring groups, etc.). For that, they just need to prepare a CSV file that contains the necessary data using this template. The admin can also use this template to help troubleshoot errors that may occur during the bulk import of the agents' information.

Use Case 2
Consider a scenario where an admin wants to create many agents' profiles at the same time, yet it might take a while to manually create each one on the Agents List page. By using the Bulk Import API, the admin is able to create multiple users at once.


Access and Registration


SCIM API supports STS tokens. More information here



Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The Bulk Import API has been in General Availability since April 2023.


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