This section will guide you through all the steps regarding partner processes and partner app requirements and operations: click on each subheading to see the full process and its instructions. You can also see an overview of each process below.


1 - Fill the partner documents.
2 - Read all the developer documentation.
3 - Get a partner developer account.

Partner Apps

Getting Your App Ready

  • Certification guidelines.
  • Technical and User Experience requirements.
  • QA checklist.

The app is registered on Partner Project. Follow these steps to register it:
1 - Create a Project.
2 - Add the all the app information.
3 - After all app information fields have been filled in Partner Project, the app version is ready to be submitted for review.

1 - For an app to be installable, the technical workflow needs to be approved (except for the user’s and Talkdesk accounts).
2 - To get the installation link, on Partner Project, go to Projects, and then to the Versions.
3 - Click the button next to Edit, and then click the Install version option.
4 - A window will open with the installation link, allowing it to be easily copied to the clipboard. There is also the option to install the version directly using the Install button. The app installation process from here on is the same as installing an app from AppConnect.

Integrating your App with AppConnect

1 - Register an app.
2 - Create the app technical version, setting up the events' callback URL.
3 - Store installation information.
4 - Use the standalone endpoint to request an authorization code via Talkdesk.
5 - Request a Talkdesk access token.

Test and Submit an App to Get Listed on AppConnect

1 - You can test your app by installing it on your account.
2 - Submit the app to get certification. The app will only be listed on AppConnect if it is approved by Talkdesk.
3 - Once your app has been approved, you can make it available on AppConnect in a self-service way.

1 - Integrate with the Events API.
2 - Use the right base URL for your customer's region-based installation.
3 - Get OAuth client credentials for specific customers that install the app by listening to the app.installed event. After getting the OAuth client, you are able to use Talkdesk ID to generate tokens that will allow you to interact with the Talkdesk APIs.

These alerts are sent when an Admin removes and/or adds a user to an installation of your app, or when the subscription plan of the app installation changes.
The alerts are sent via the app.updated event.


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